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František Makeš was born on December 9, 1931 in Zlín. In 1952 he graduated from the ”Bata School of Art” under Prof. Josef Kousal. Short after his graduation, F. Makeš was accepted by the ”Academy of Fine Arts” in Prague, where he studied under Prof. Miroslav Holý in his art studio.

In 1958, F. Makeš received a 3 year honors degreein ”Restoration of Art” under Prof. B. Slánský in his art studio. In 1970, F. Makeš got an invitation to the ”Royal Institute of Art” (Department of Materials Sciences) in Stockholm to participate in a preservation activity of numerous art collections at the Castle Skokloster.

In order to take on this privileged assignment, F. Makeš, acquired new skills by engaging further studies in biochemistry at the University of Göteborg (Department of Cultural Sciences). In 1969, F. Makeš defended his doctoral thesis “Enzymatic consolidation of paintings”, elaborating scientific methods ”how to” identify and preserve paintings. F. Makeš also lectured in Chemistry at the ”Royal Institute of Art” together with Prof. Hallström, and continued to pursue his passion of diagnosing false paintings, copies and originals.

In 1993, F. Makeš received medals from President Václav Havel, for saving a historic case intended for carrying the crown from 1347. In 2005, F. Makeš received the Gratias agit award from the Czech Cultural Institute. In 2006, F. Makeš received the Royal Medal of the 8th size, blue ribbon, from the King of Sweden.